Are you planning to take part in a trade exhibition? In this case, in anticipation of this event, you must think about erecting your stand. To make the most of a quality space, hire a stand fitter. Crownlea Ltd assists you in all your endeavours by providing you with a professional service.



A company of fitters, planners and interior specialists knowledgeable in a wide range of commercial, residential projects..

Our stand fitter activity means we can decorate your space in a well-thought our manner so you can attract and, more importantly, win over as many potential customers as possible. This is therefore a major investment, all the more so as just being present at an exhibition generally gives you access to a lot more contacts than during any prospecting phase carried over a far longer period of time.

We want to showcase your business by enhancing your space while creating originality. Depending on your choice, this design can be traditional or portable, allowing you to install it again on other sites. In any case, it will be perfect for creating a buzz and promoting your business, enabling you to acquire new customers.


We pride ourselves on our experience and eye for quality when fitting out your business and how to maximise it’s potential.

Contact us today to speak to one our team, we can go through your project & arrange an appointment to realise your dream project!